"Lucerna" is an open world role-playing game. The player is able to interact with their environment by freely roaming around and battling demons. The overall storyline is pretty much cliche. The player is the chosen savior with a guide, and he/she goes around fighting demons and collecting items needed to save the world. But that's not entirely what the game is about. We just used that cliche story as our foundation in order to develop our game.

The inspiration for "Lucerna" came from the Final Fantasy series, Bravely Default, and Mabinogi. From there on, we just decided to incorporate our many ideas we derived from games we've played and try to make them happen. We had so many ideas and tried to include them in, but time just did not allow us to do so. But we gave it our best to make the game as complete and fun as possible. Hope you, the audience, will enjoy playing and have fun with our game.

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