Computer Programming Projects
-All projects on this page are NOT created with a game engine. Source code is written by the students and can be viewed by looking at the page's 'source'.
-Students have no previous coding experience. Please keep that in mind when rating.
-Projects work best in Chrome.
-Projects will need a keyboard to be tested and a minimum screen width of 1000px. In other words, they were not designed to work on a phone and tend to lag on a tablet.
-When the project loads, make sure to click 'Allow Blocked Content'.
The code for the slide shows seen below was also written by the students.

Making of Gun X Sword
Making of Lucerna
Making of Badge Quest
Documentaries for 2016 Final Projects.
Lucerna Documentary
Badge Quest Documentary

Ratings and comments are now available on each page. Feel free to rate each game and comment.